Monday, July 9, 2018

Unjust Friends

A space of empty words that once were
Spurred the moment with Gleeful thoughts
Had they not been sacrificed
To the times of what ifs and what nots

Caligraph of invisible ink
Even lemons cannot squeaze
There once was this beauty
Now it's just a long lost dream

Calling out the turn of events
Ill fortune had me laid
Had I seen the gossip's eyes
I wouldn't have been swayed

For gossip's eye turns you stone
That even Medusa couldn't concoct
Things that happen when 100 syllables
Take their course through 100 ears that flop 

Allegories and rhetorics aside 
Oh, dreams of what things once were!
Had I known they end so fast
I wouldn't have revered

But yet I did, do and now you don't 
Is it really deemed worthy
To censor a friend eternally below
The accusation of things worldly?