Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I have a small sweet world that keeps rolling.
It touches a spot and brings it to life;
A world of made up happiness,
Wealth, peace, unity and all

A place of Utopia to recline to;
And when people keep searching,
They forget it's with me.
I've made it up

But then again, it stays with me

-Heenas Haseeb

A Year

I pondered on the internet
As I wondered how
How when it sounds like a vowel
The English "Year" has come out loud

Out loud with an "a" Than an "an"

Isn't 'year' like 'ear' now?

But alas! I was wrong
A year can never come with an an
But, with an a, it can

Simply to put it- it goes as /ji-er/
Than the /ear/.

And since /j/ is a consonant
Though it may sound like a vowel

It is written with an "a" 
And never with an 'an'

-Heenas Haseeb