Saturday, November 7, 2015

This Wind

You never know whom you'll enlighten,
Take a few steps to the garden

Where the wind blows strong
And the greenery rustles along;

This day in the garden:
Come see, I will show you how

The world's stage meets our routes
Take a bow and eat your fruits

You might want to stick around
The cavalry stands to astound

A cavalry of tunes
The melody of old runes

See this ocean leaping far and wide
You'll find it heavier at night

When the cricket tunes touch the clouds
And rains fall upon the ground

You will feel this smell exhilarate
A time of happy joy and mistakes

Humans, afterall
Through history have found

How they can emanate a bout of certain storms
But once tired, come back home

To feel this wind again...
For it is not often so soft but, stormy

Maybe it had its own story
It wanted to sing around

And now that what is done is done,
The world sleeps sound

-Heenas Haseeb

[Dedicated to The Chronicles of Narnia]