Thursday, November 26, 2015

Animal Care

It is going to get difficult for the animals and especially, cats to stay cozy and warm this winter.

As beings of higher intellect, it is our honour to come to the rescue!

Let's get started:

Items needed: T-shirt (or) cloth and a cheap stool. 

1.) Take an old stool or buy a cheap one (like the green one in image (1))

2.) Take an old T-shirt and cover the stool with it. (Image (2) and (3))

3.) Now we have a cozy tent! Additionally, one could cover its roof with plastic for water-resistance and place an extra cushion or cloth inside the tent for extra coziness. (Image (4))

This can be done within two minutes and in this cheap and durable way, you could save many lives!

The animals shall bless you forever!

Thank you for reading. :)

-Heenas Haseeb