Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer Lyric

[Gif by Heenas Haseeb]

It's the time of the year to think about pirates,

Governing your own sail;
Go har-de-har, fight a captain,
Leave your legendary trail!

For who knows how and who knows when

Our journey will start to lead
The boys to school from summer-delights;
We'll soon have our own way of living.

Once when summer's over,

Mark down your memories to describe
Courage, bravery, skills of steel
That threw members off of tribes!

There's grass, nature, skies to admire,

Beaches to make yourselves slip in.
For the nights are starry and the days as cloudy;
Better get out and stop regretting!

The people, my crew, you'd like to be

Won't be very simple;
Mighty dreams and thoughts cloud in
To make things seem crippled;

Find a flow that's best for you

Make your talents combine,
Throw yourself to the ultimate test;
Soar and fly or simply dive!

For anything could come true
If you wished for it with your might...

-Heenas Haseeb