Sunday, March 15, 2015


Fragile glimpses, of more to be sought
Easily succumb to the warmth of the now
They drift in the cacophony, that overwhelms
The hidden recesses, of incomplete thought

Acceptance is bliss, wonder not why
Consider no need, to ponder what is
Direction not found, just follow along
Serenely observe, all that flows on by

Within lies a spark, a chance to soar
Given such chance, if it's to be seen
Look out far and search inward deep
Choices there are, to accomplish more 

Coming this far, the decision is due
To hope for the best, as do the rest
Or follow your heart, brighten the light
Show your face; I thought, it is you.

Poem byTed Zendarski

Credits: A warm thanks to Ted Zendarski for sharing this beautiful poem with us!