Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to build on your confidence/ maturity:

Here are a few of the many tips that helped me and could help you too!

1.)  Understand that nobody is perfect.

2.) Make yourself stronger: Do not run away from your insecurities. Simply jot them down, learn from them and solve them.

3.) It is a process of continually accepting your mistakes and being the better person by trying not to repeat them.

No, don't feel down when you make a mistake. In fact, a person who never makes a mistake is never really trying. So, you're steps ahead of that! Making mistakes is NOT bad or small of you. It is on the contrary, a very important part of your growth because it teaches you things you hadn't seen before. Simply accept it, promise not to repeat it and move on. (Do keep your promises)

4.) Most people are not sure of what they say, know, hear or do. Make sure to do a lot of research and simply just 'know' and be sure of what you do.

5.) Knowledge can be fun! Build on it by finding quizzes, general knowledge media and puzzles on your normal app store, and/ or battling it out with your friends.

6.) Practice makes perfect.

7.)  Do not spend time around negative people or people who make fun of you, make you feel unhappy or insecure at the end of the day.

8.) Surround yourself with experienced or positive people who brighten up your day.

9.) Never think less of yourself (nor of others for that matter). If you feel that way or if you feel that you are getting more than what you deserve, then make yourself work hard enough to deserve it or be polite enough to return it back.

10.) Is telling lies your problem? It will damage your self-esteem.

Find out why you lie so much and try to deal with it. Are things too hard for you to handle? (Get help) Do you forget too much? (Maintain a reminder or a diary) Do you keep crossing deadlines or breaking promises? (Do not bite more than you can chew and learn to say ‘no’ or step up). Do you go hard on yourself, get things wrong or are you just plain lazy? (Find out what you are running from and solve it)

Finding and accepting your weaknesses can be hard, and to deal with it- harder. Try SWOT analysis and keep an account of your behaviour, perhaps. These are the few things that really work.

11.) One cannot have everything in life and it definitely does not provide you with short cuts or lady luck to rule over it... It is pure hard work, passion and determination that can make life what it is. Read some inspiring quotes if you like! Knowledge and maturity can take you to places.

In the end, it is the one who takes the road less taken that emerges the victor.

Stay strong and happy everyone!

It is good to learn from things, grow and stay strong.