Saturday, March 28, 2015

Children's Literature: Lorry's Life

Lorraine did not like crystals or diamonds.

She was not an ordinary girl.
She was an impeccable tom boy
And proud of it, no worry at all.
Just follow Lorry along her way
As tunnels twist and waters lisp,
Lorry did not stop till she got her way.
Was she adamant or simply determined?
Well, don't think about it, she is running away!
Where to now?
Off to the grassy sunset or to the wind on the willows?
Maybe off to buy bread for Ted's mashed potatoes.

She flew a paper plane
Then, drew on the walls.
Was she being mischievous or creative?
Don't worry, just look ahead before you fall!
She jumped over a crevice, ran off with a shawl.
Was it her mother's for the weaver's place?
Lorry then screamed "That's not all!"
Standing at the doorway, a stranger called her again
Lorry did not stop and walked away.
Her life is filled with a million tales.
Sometimes this, sometimes that,
We may not catch up if we dropped our pace. 
-Heenas Haseeb