Saturday, March 14, 2015

Children's Literature: An Interview of the Cat Named Master Snowy

Interviewer: Congratulations on your new book 'Cats and Crows', Master Snowy.
Master Snowy: Thank you. It is very kind of you to be able to say so.

Interviewer: *Coughs* Can you describe your relationship wth crows?
Master Snowy: It is confusing to explain. I treat them like my friends first and then I find them in my stomach the next minute. It's complicated... Not for me though, just the crows.

Interviewer: Master Snowy, I thought you were trying to establish a good relationship between cats and crows in your book.
Master Snowy: Oh, that was done for commercial  purposes. 

Interviewer: Might I assume then, the things written in your book were not from your heart?
Master Snowy: My sincerest apologies, my heart is not good at writing. It can only beat.

Interviewer: That was actually witty. May I know what inspired you to choose writing as your career?
Master Snowy: The minute I realized I did not need to have a hand to start writing, I used my servant for everything and it just went from there.

Interviewer: I guess that could have been inspiring, thank you for being here with us today!
Master Snowy: Nah, just thank me for the trouble!

Ladies and gentlemen, our star cat, Master Snowy!

And next we're having our special guest, Mr. Sky Crow with his new book ,'Cats are Not so Arrogant as You Think'

(grammatical errors intended)