Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tiger, My Cat

[Image hand-drawn by Heenas Haseeb]

Tiger, my cat-
He's a jolly good being,
Sometimes rolling in egg shells,
Sometimes covered in beans;

He has a stern face
Like that of a stoic,
A stern breed
With suitable fur;

Thought I, he had no love,
Thought he was invincible and free!
Thought I, he had no duties,
Just a cat sleeping, relentlessly;

But, oh look for all that he's done!
The other day I saw him protecting his son,
Just a cat with many duties-
Guarding his kittens from things of beauty,

Like a rose or a bougainvillea tree,
Those have thorns, prickly immeasurably
A call to the colony and everyone's gone!
No intruder in sight, just me and my mom.

He was not there one day
Perhaps, stuck in a room
Calling for help
His brother on the stool

"There’s the cry!"

I could hear him tell
Went with my dad
Following sounds that upon mid-night fell

And there he was, young tiger found again!
Today a dad with many kittens...
Doing the same things as me and my friends
Protecting his colony, eating his chicken

Or sleeping on the sofa
With tummy-full moans

Tiger, my cat
He's a jolly good being
Sometimes rolling in egg shells,
Sometimes covered in beans

He has an innocent face
Hiding love and fear
Respect and stern values
As well as naughty endears

He smells of cows,
Sometimes of sheep
And God knows how
He could for hours, sleep!

On my dining table, by my shoes
Or stretching on my bed
Tossing away time,
Mumbling of news;

I wonder what’s in his head,
So big like a wobble-doll!
Angry when I play
But, that’s not all.

Tiger the cat,
He’s the one for all
Like a family than a cat

Bossing or playing the troll.

-Heenas Haseeb