Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Ocean

It's like there is a time-warp in the ocean;
When you stand there, so the sea pretends:
There is no way you can escape the winds,
Even if they’ve just set in!

When you look back, there's the magic-
People stare at you, too scared to step in!
They portray in life the tragic
Taking steps against their will.

Can you still feel the air spray?
”Come join the time-trial with me,
I come back, go forth, I make time stay
Right at this spot, if you step in, you’ll see!”

Catch a hand, close your eyes, breathe deep,
Let the soothing sound dig you deep
For as you’re holding hands, 
You’re lost in the ocean’s leap

Your mind can not fathom
Your heart is beating within
While the unseen souls run about,
They see to your well being.

Come on, join in the frantic!
You do not want to be the lower-ling;
Because have you seen the Atlantic?
Where, by God, even pixies swim in!

[The lines were made to look like water flowing]

-Heenas Haseeb