Friday, December 26, 2014

My Verse

[hand-made gif by Heenas]


I whispered to the walls,
My words ran through their veins;
Like a river flowing silently
Through valleys and plains.

It wasn't that simple
As I seeked to find their way,
They scuttled up to the ceiling
And to the sun's rays.

I did not want them lost,
I scampered to catch them quick!
My steps too heavy, too late...
They leaked down the tier and dripped.

I hurried out my room,
Across my bleached hall;
Unlatched the door to my garden
Where my words dropped through the wall.

I followed them from there
As they scurried away;
Until they found their vigour
That was their junction, their fare.

Escalating up to a lady's foot
And straight into her ears,
Made her eyes open wide;
They blurt out, so I could hear.

She recited my words to her friend,
And her friend rejoiced;
I was struck with wonder
Having seen my words come to life!

Just like a story
Or a rumour,
I've seen their birth.
These walls, they had more than ears;

They were the ground for my verse.

-Heenas Haseeb