Thursday, November 27, 2014

This Rainbow

Like a looking glass
Your vivid rainbow 
Encircles our globe,

You dawn down 
To see Your subjects,
Heavenly as it floats:

Brings in awes
We cannot neglect,
All step to stare and share!

Their memory,
Your greatest gift-
You dawn down to see us fare:

A quick eye through every hole,
An understanding 
For the head;

Over every village,
A concern and over every city,
A frequent slate.

You dawn down 
To spread your mercy,
We treasure its showers

From miles above, 
The clouds do care
To trickle as they hover;

Crops and trees, 
They rustle 
As they remain green

All that is good 
Never was rendered 
More beautifully than by Thee!

We dutifully kneel down in cues
Only to see Your might! 
We pray as Your blessings enlighten 
Each step to our delight.

-Heenas Haseeb

This poem was originally dedicated to the picture found here: and was written on the same day as the picture was taken.