Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Siesta Key Beach

The sands of time surrender to the silent waves

Made of quartz, soft and cool
To touch your souls
At the waves that fool:
Your mind and, you rewind
To feel your life.

A moment realized, for you can’t but laugh.
Just let go!
The wind is soft and airy;
You see:

The air superiority blue sky
Touching the tiffany blue
With mild sprinkling of dew dust,
Here, and there too.

Red, purple, yellow, pink people and sails;
People standing, resting;
Beige ridiculously seen through trails
People, the sails and the pleasures left.

Shades of life, shades of colors
To a rainbow blessed day!
The beach, you see far and wide,
Away from the city’s haste.

Yet, there it is still!
The cities ringing behind the shores,
 Peeping, standing, for the rest never stands assured.

-Heenas Haseeb

[The image above was taken by me and my family]