Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ode to AAC

Raised to the heights of eternal memory,
A regal campus that gleams;
The sun never looked brighter
Than above this mansion's dream.

But, more than a mansion indeed,
It is more, and vast and supreme!
This campus has got its stately students
Living their grandest dreams.

Morality never darted higher
Than by each year as its standards improve:
Formed since 1937;
Each day, imparting something new!

It is the teachers, 
It is the team,
It is the teachers
That make it come true.

Laden with a million apples,
Reach out if you want its fruits!

-Heenas Haseeb

     Written with special gratitude towards Madam Principal Dr. Jayashree Gosh, our benevolent Head of the Department of English Literature Dr. Archana Sardana, our former Head of the Department of English Literature, Dr. Jayashree Prabhakar and all the selfless lecturers of Anna Adarsh College for Women and team for providing constant support, encouragement, dreams and proper structure to all its students and helping us reach the final years of our degrees with dignity, peace and love.

[The image above was taken by me]