Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Meals

[GIF by Heenas]

The day dawned and brought with it a nice and calm weather. I curled up comfortably on the window sill and I looked outside to witness the glorious morning birds as they made my eyes turn big and my tail wave with anticipation, even though my eyes were usually thinner in the daylight time. It is said that a million thoughts run through a cat's mind that cannot be fathomed easily by mankind.

"What is this mankind though?"

I wondered as I accidentally meowed loudly and thought that my people never made me feel that way. I only thought that they were overly grown cats at first, but now they are my claimed family members, just the same as this area is my own 
claimed territory too.

A jolt of agonizing anger suddenly rushed through my nerves as the thought of that grey trangressive CAT that was meowing over my wall yesterday passed through my mind. "How preposterous such uncivilized actions are!" My tail started to wave slighty faster, without my knowledge of it. "Did not that cat..."

"Tiger! There you are! Awww, Look at you..."

My family lady came speaking to me in her weird immitative voices of things I could not decipher. Perhaps she tried to immitate a bird sometimes or may be the way I mewed or purred but, her mimicry was overly flawed and she never really cared to rectify it. 

Either way, she caressed my back and I had to give her a positive response- in order to encourage her for her efforts. She had those long and slim fingers of hers that she obviously found rather hard to handle. I was grateful I had claws... I did criticize her sometimes by flicking my paw for not brushing me right, but eventually she got better at it. So, I had no complaints.

"Uhhh! What's that!?" I thought to myself as my ears immediately sharpened towards the sound and my eyes darted to the sight of that filthy dog down on the road, dancing by the garbage can.

He was making unnecessary noises as people passed by him; must be his way of calling for attention- which seemed rather undignified. All I had to do for attention was manipulate people's minds.

A slight widening of the eyes and a cute fluffy curl and the humans fall all over you... It is a technique you learn and master over the years with unendurable training; and to hit the precise mark and notes takes practise.

Sometimes, they even tried to store my looks and actions in tiny boxes that flashed and I would always pose for those, but that is another story and I would not blame myself for falling for  such an immature action in this case.

My favourite ball was soon thrown my way and I gave a calm look towards it since there was no such thing as peace in this house. When you live here, you learn to endure the direst of intrusions and interruptions. How disruptive this was but again, these humans would often hunt food for me, though without any practice nor skill for it but, they do often surprise me by serving food to me at the end of the day... They always seemed to make it!

I was thinking of food now. So, I went on my way down the greyish stairs and the many twists and turns of this human layer to finally find myself at the Heavenly junction they called "kitchen" or as I usually liked to call it and all the food, "khurrrmaw!"

Oh yes... Food... I would sometimes find it ready at my eating place, but most often it was not there and so, through a bout of several meows, I had to remind these humans what they were forgetting.... Their special member's important meals.

-Heenas Haseeb