Friday, December 26, 2014

My Verse

[hand-made gif by Heenas]


I whispered to the walls,
My words ran through their veins;
Like a river flowing silently
Through valleys and plains.

It wasn't that simple
As I seeked to find their way,
They scuttled up to the ceiling
And to the sun's rays.

I did not want them lost,
I scampered to catch them quick!
My steps too heavy, too late...
They leaked down the tier and dripped.

I hurried out my room,
Across my bleached hall;
Unlatched the door to my garden
Where my words dropped through the wall.

I followed them from there
As they scurried away;
Until they found their vigour
That was their junction, their fare.

Escalating up to a lady's foot
And straight into her ears,
Made her eyes open wide;
They blurt out, so I could hear.

She recited my words to her friend,
And her friend rejoiced;
I was struck with wonder
Having seen my words come to life!

Just like a story
Or a rumour,
I've seen their birth.
These walls, they had more than ears;

They were the ground for my verse.

-Heenas Haseeb

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Memorable Gift

The glorious tune of the past 
Rings through the wind 
As a trophy twinkles time 
Memories are revealed

So much beauty does this encase
A time for getting along and race 
Happily through all seasons 
This trophy entraps every reason

Making a student worthy to share
This gift with a teacher so good, so rare
A thousand miles cannot keep us apart 
These memories chiselled deep in our hearts

-Heenas Haseeb

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Ocean

It's like there is a time-warp in the ocean;
When you stand there, so the sea pretends:
There is no way you can escape the winds,
Even if they’ve just set in!

When you look back, there's the magic-
People stare at you, too scared to step in!
They portray in life the tragic
Taking steps against their will.

Can you still feel the air spray?
”Come join the time-trial with me,
I come back, go forth, I make time stay
Right at this spot, if you step in, you’ll see!”

Catch a hand, close your eyes, breathe deep,
Let the soothing sound dig you deep
For as you’re holding hands, 
You’re lost in the ocean’s leap

Your mind can not fathom
Your heart is beating within
While the unseen souls run about,
They see to your well being.

Come on, join in the frantic!
You do not want to be the lower-ling;
Because have you seen the Atlantic?
Where, by God, even pixies swim in!

[The lines were made to look like water flowing]

-Heenas Haseeb

Monday, December 8, 2014

World Haiku

The world's a poem
All holding a metaphor
And simile, none 

-Heenas Haseeb

[image above, made by Heenas]

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


(Still editing and trying to turn this into a gif)

Monday, December 1, 2014

The World of a Worm

I squirmed through a myriad of grains with my tiny, unseen segmented legs as various thoughts crossed my mind. I've been on this journey since the morning, the journey for my dream-grain; It was said that it could be found on the other side of this huge containment they called a ‘room', which could mean a lot of things, but that was not my goal to discover. My focus has always been on my dream-grain, that's it! One beautiful and golden dream grain, shining in the bright light of the sun just for me! Oh, I can almost imagine, seeing it glimmer, I would relish it one tiny bite at a time. But, I keep distracting myself.
You haven't been introduced to the whole story yet either, have you? Well then, let me tell you the story of the small grain that was once a dream, but now- I shall work on making it my reality. 
It began as the idea was just a seed beginning to sprout into adventure. I had an epiphany the other day and I just believed that it existed somewhere, my dream-grain. If I could imagine it, I could find it. I've been looking for it from quite a while now, dodging through the multitudes of jests and criticisms that were thrown my way. I had them all tell me a million things like, "Don't dream too big, there is danger in it!", "Worms get squished easily if they go too far," and what not! But, I was not afraid; I wanted the adventure and I wanted to experience life without fear of the unknown!
My family always feared the unknown though, and why not? They're mostly worms or beetles after all. They belonged to the darkest times where life meant survival, but they don't realize I belong to the new era now- where all the young meal-worms dream big and look to life with higher and more empowering perspectives.... uhh... well, "almost". There was a slight problem here, though. This era of empowering young "meal-worms" that I belong to were part of a different room blocks away, not part of err, let's say this one? It's a big country this "room".  But, wait... Now, I know it's difficult to understand what I mean- "how can a meal-worm from ONE room be influenced by meal-worms from a room presumably miles away?" Well, that's where my story starts, right at THAT question and let me tell you, it's a good one. But, it's something you'll find out eventually and so, I shall continue where I last left off before the digression- Life meant so much more than mere survival to me! I wanted to venture out, look far and wide and I was just born this way, thinking I was weird while the other meal-worms were happy with what they had, I wanted to explore more. I told them the experience of searching for a dream-grain is more thrilling and joyous than finding the dream-grain itself, and the other worms would cut off my gibberish and look away. Of course I felt like the odd one out, but something in me never gave up; for I always just knew my mother looked at me with meaning. Well, my foster mother- but still, just her look told me I am more than what I looked like. Something about where I lived and with WHOM I lived had me itching on the what could be's. 

I could also at this point, give a few accounts on dreams and how they ARE after all, what this world is built on. It's with dreams that advancement becomes a reality. But, that's a whole new chapter again, and I know I'm wasting time saying all this, but I'm also saving time. Or rather, cutting my journey shorter through my words that may or may not entertain. 

I did not start out as such a confident meal-worm at first, I was but a timid little brute, or I was so up until I met my first friend right outside the opening of the room where I was once born. My friend, he's an absolute legend who told me he used to be a worm himself at one point, but had now turned into a beautiful butterfly- only because he had dreamed to, he told me! As we lay engrossed in a tight conversation for the rest of the day, he also told me that he knew what I was talking about and that he had seen my dream-grain somewhere; he only had to recall where it was now but he did not have a very good memory. I was soon on my way mapping through the ground and following his wrong guidance to reach the end of what they called a ‘room’. It is here, that the wrong juncture gave way to the right and I had found myself a new friend, the Grasshopper!

The Grasshopper laughed as I related my story to him and he cackled out that I had come to the wrong end of the room; the obviousness of which made me look rather ridiculous but I still stood there head strong. "This end leads to the ‘road-side’, while what you should really have been looking for was the ‘field-side'," he said and further added that I now had to walk all the way to the other side of the room. I gobbled my brunch and set out on my new journey once again.

It was almost afternoon by this time and after dodging many a giant ‘feet’, I could see that I had almost made it to the fields; and moments later, I could see a bright light bursting in from out the ‘door’ and stinging my eyes. I was blinded for a moment there, but when I regained my vision back, I could see it- “What a wonderful sight to behold!” I said to myself- it was the very sight that made me doubt my senses for a moment and helped me give birth to one of my most intellectual lines: "In the search of a single grain, I had found my dream-field; A field bounteous of lush greenery and corn! Those golden corns... My golden dream-grains..." It was an unregretable exclamation that my mind spoke out as I stood there among the Earthworms and a few dazzled wasps. They are always dazzled... these wasps... I wondered why. But, I had found my dream now and so, I did not have to bother about it much. I walked further on and fell into a... cave was it? Or maybe a trench, to be more precise.

Atleast, it looked like a trench to me. Mealworms don't normally fall. They can walk on any surface, and so this "falling" was something relatively new to me. Something I could not feel nor understand until I looked up to the sky and saw myself peeping through a hole. How did I fall in here so fast?

I was walking alright...

"Stuck their egein eh matey? 'appens ol the time"

I was startled to hear such a heavy voice at first, but when I looked up, I found myself staring at a rather pleasant-looking face. What a beautiful Lady bug he, I mean... 'She' was!

She was red in colour, but I've seen many Ladybugs of bluish hues too, and most of them were male.

These friends of mine are a sight to see!

"Wots e mealworm like YOU doin' 'ere?" she exclaimed once more.

The voice pulled me back from my thoughts and made me try to speak out, but I could not. Is my voice-box hurt? I do not know...

I did not have such a loud voice to begin with and now, to lose it was something... I could not bring myself to terms with. There was no way that I could COMMUNICATE with this new 'mate' or anyone at all for that matter! I was beginning to well up with frustration silently and I wanted to scream, but I could not!

"You e shy one a' you? Worry not, I may be of some survice little mate"

Saying that she went away and I was left in the ditch with bruises. I had never felt these things on me before... I wanted to cry but, I was very happy at the same time because I was about to live my dream...

Surely, not as sugar-coated as I had first imagined it, kind of got rougher than I thought, but that was because of my clumsiness. If only I had been seeing where I was going!

"This 'appens ol the time!" I heard her voice again, "I thinks to meself I 'ad asked you to fix 'it but, you don't!"

"Oh shucks! Now what?"

"Nau there is a new laddie stuck in there, how 'ar you gettin 'im out?"

"With my wings as usual" and the skeptic voice disappeared as the sound of the fluttering wings- that soon made a shadow over me- engulfed them.

"I'll get'ya out!" he said as he came closer to me and soon flew up with me as he held me tight.

Wow! I was in the air! For only a while but, what a great while that was!

The winged-stranger dropped me so I could get a good look at him. But, he looked unfamiliar... What was he?

"Stoup lukin at 'im like that! 'es shiny ain 'e? Yea, 'e gets that a lot! 'es a bumble bee! And 'is acid breaks through this thin laiyer of ground sometimes and makes plentiful ditches fo' poor creatures like you to be fallen into. It is not a ve'y nice thing. I told 'im, but he won't listen!"

"It drops off every time I try to hold it! I told you so many times!" replied the frustrated bumble bee as I kept staring at him wondering how he could be so shiny... Must be the honey on him and the reflection of the sun.

"Then dount 'old wat you can't carry! ae, wat am I supposed to do wi' a brain like yours?" was the worried Lady bug's reply. She had almost given up trying to make the bumble bee understand.

He flew off without giving an answer and I stopped staring at him eventhough it is all I could do now. I was bruised and voiceless. So, all I could do was stare.

"I saw 'it, you was standin' on the ground, matey and then, this sudden drop comes off and hits the ground you're on. I was startled to see 'it an I sure hope you ar not hurt are ya?"

"Heh, hurt?" I smirked. My pain was much more than that. But, wait! Did I just speak again?

"Oye! So you do speak! An I thinks you was voiceless!"

"Well, I WAS... But, now I think I can...(coughs).. I... It hurts"

"There was a rock there where you fell and oh my! Look at your bruises!"

I did not mind anymore. I thanked her and her friend for saving me and I was on my way to live my dream again. It did not matter how many obstacles I had to face, how many bumps I had to walk over and ditches I had to climb out of. At the end of it all, I was still living my dream and I was still always alive!

Life is filled with such amenities, and we keep growing with it. It has been two human-days now, and I had learnt that self-confidence takes us to places far and that all I had to do in order to fare well and make good progress was believe in my cause. It had taught me to see "things beyond what the eyes can see," and it had taught me about providence and of the measures the Almighty had taken to keep me on the right path, every single day.

 -Heenas Haseeb

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ode to AAC

Raised to the heights of eternal memory,
A regal campus that gleams;
The sun never looked brighter
Than above this mansion's dream.

But, more than a mansion indeed,
It is more, and vast and supreme!
This campus has got its stately students
Living their grandest dreams.

Morality never darted higher
Than by each year as its standards improve:
Formed since 1937;
Each day, imparting something new!

It is the teachers, 
It is the team,
It is the teachers
That make it come true.

Laden with a million apples,
Reach out if you want its fruits!

-Heenas Haseeb

     Written with special gratitude towards Madam Principal Dr. Jayashree Gosh, our benevolent Head of the Department of English Literature Dr. Archana Sardana, our former Head of the Department of English Literature, Dr. Jayashree Prabhakar and all the selfless lecturers of Anna Adarsh College for Women and team for providing constant support, encouragement, dreams and proper structure to all its students and helping us reach the final years of our degrees with dignity, peace and love.

[The image above was taken by me]

Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Meals

[GIF by Heenas]

The day dawned and brought with it a nice and calm weather. I curled up comfortably on the window sill and I looked outside to witness the glorious morning birds as they made my eyes turn big and my tail wave with anticipation, even though my eyes were usually thinner in the daylight time. It is said that a million thoughts run through a cat's mind that cannot be fathomed easily by mankind.

"What is this mankind though?"

I wondered as I accidentally meowed loudly and thought that my people never made me feel that way. I only thought that they were overly grown cats at first, but now they are my claimed family members, just the same as this area is my own 
claimed territory too.

A jolt of agonizing anger suddenly rushed through my nerves as the thought of that grey trangressive CAT that was meowing over my wall yesterday passed through my mind. "How preposterous such uncivilized actions are!" My tail started to wave slighty faster, without my knowledge of it. "Did not that cat..."

"Tiger! There you are! Awww, Look at you..."

My family lady came speaking to me in her weird immitative voices of things I could not decipher. Perhaps she tried to immitate a bird sometimes or may be the way I mewed or purred but, her mimicry was overly flawed and she never really cared to rectify it. 

Either way, she caressed my back and I had to give her a positive response- in order to encourage her for her efforts. She had those long and slim fingers of hers that she obviously found rather hard to handle. I was grateful I had claws... I did criticize her sometimes by flicking my paw for not brushing me right, but eventually she got better at it. So, I had no complaints.

"Uhhh! What's that!?" I thought to myself as my ears immediately sharpened towards the sound and my eyes darted to the sight of that filthy dog down on the road, dancing by the garbage can.

He was making unnecessary noises as people passed by him; must be his way of calling for attention- which seemed rather undignified. All I had to do for attention was manipulate people's minds.

A slight widening of the eyes and a cute fluffy curl and the humans fall all over you... It is a technique you learn and master over the years with unendurable training; and to hit the precise mark and notes takes practise.

Sometimes, they even tried to store my looks and actions in tiny boxes that flashed and I would always pose for those, but that is another story and I would not blame myself for falling for  such an immature action in this case.

My favourite ball was soon thrown my way and I gave a calm look towards it since there was no such thing as peace in this house. When you live here, you learn to endure the direst of intrusions and interruptions. How disruptive this was but again, these humans would often hunt food for me, though without any practice nor skill for it but, they do often surprise me by serving food to me at the end of the day... They always seemed to make it!

I was thinking of food now. So, I went on my way down the greyish stairs and the many twists and turns of this human layer to finally find myself at the Heavenly junction they called "kitchen" or as I usually liked to call it and all the food, "khurrrmaw!"

Oh yes... Food... I would sometimes find it ready at my eating place, but most often it was not there and so, through a bout of several meows, I had to remind these humans what they were forgetting.... Their special member's important meals.

-Heenas Haseeb

This Rainbow

Like a looking glass
Your vivid rainbow 
Encircles our globe,

You dawn down 
To see Your subjects,
Heavenly as it floats:

Brings in awes
We cannot neglect,
All step to stare and share!

Their memory,
Your greatest gift-
You dawn down to see us fare:

A quick eye through every hole,
An understanding 
For the head;

Over every village,
A concern and over every city,
A frequent slate.

You dawn down 
To spread your mercy,
We treasure its showers

From miles above, 
The clouds do care
To trickle as they hover;

Crops and trees, 
They rustle 
As they remain green

All that is good 
Never was rendered 
More beautifully than by Thee!

We dutifully kneel down in cues
Only to see Your might! 
We pray as Your blessings enlighten 
Each step to our delight.

-Heenas Haseeb

This poem was originally dedicated to the picture found here: and was written on the same day as the picture was taken.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


[above drawing by Heenas Haseeb, aka Snowy]


The furious speed brings distance passed,
unrelated creeds
that travel fast;
In a second, a jiffy,
you could win or loose!

It is in the moment,
you can never snooze!

The clutch and the right gear
A belt shut tight
open your eyes to this quick race
such is life.

-Heenas Haseeb


The image above is the car (La Ferrari) I drew using the Sketch Book app a year back... Looking forward to drawing better stuff and more...

Thank you for reading and all the support! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Siesta Key Beach

The sands of time surrender to the silent waves

Made of quartz, soft and cool
To touch your souls
At the waves that fool:
Your mind and, you rewind
To feel your life.

A moment realized, for you can’t but laugh.
Just let go!
The wind is soft and airy;
You see:

The air superiority blue sky
Touching the tiffany blue
With mild sprinkling of dew dust,
Here, and there too.

Red, purple, yellow, pink people and sails;
People standing, resting;
Beige ridiculously seen through trails
People, the sails and the pleasures left.

Shades of life, shades of colors
To a rainbow blessed day!
The beach, you see far and wide,
Away from the city’s haste.

Yet, there it is still!
The cities ringing behind the shores,
 Peeping, standing, for the rest never stands assured.

-Heenas Haseeb

[The image above was taken by me and my family]

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Whither Flieth Poetry?

(A revival of the archaic)

Composed of truth,
With thoughts so slowly;
Words processed from within,
That tell a story.

Every syllable a number
That counts, you tally!
But people use it not,
They feel sorry!

Modern critics to mordern theories,
Peotry has evolved 
To so much more than holy
Yet clipped still...

Oh wherefore hast thou lost all power?
From the ancient time,
A thing of reverence;
Now a simple antique flower?

Poetry doth flow
With immense pleasure,
Providing humanity with what was lost;
Today poetry is not a pleasure?

New techs, songs and all
To Minimalistic liesures give growth
Fat and unthinking, with cruelty
poetry now, so still, it does not flow.

Is it the thing of the past
With poets so little to write?
Actors so vastly renowned
Wherefore flieth its life?

Did not poetry in short and crisp
Words so complex or rustic 
For its readers
Portray its thoughts so wholly?

What was easy to reach, so far,
Wherefore is immediate poetry?
We that share its sympathy,
Have brushed it aside so coldly.

Moves you stronger than books 
With rhythm and a story!
Tells more in the shortest words
With feelings overflowing!

Then wherefore is poetry today,
Do you not read it seriously?
Would have swept all masses of impurity
Had it been the staple to your rationality.

[The image above was taken by me]

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Craft a Movie

Good Days

Want a really short gif movie? Well ask away! and I can make you a hand-drawn one with the quality of the gif above. Leave the artistic details to me, just give me your story for the movie and see how it comes alive!

I'm still new here and may not be that good. But, I shall try my very best and hopefully make you as happy as Marc was when I gave him his gif (the one above).

Tools I use: Tablet to draw and Photoscape to animate. Pardon me, for I do not have highly upgraded tools yet.

Also, if you need tutorials to draw something you like, feel free to ask me and I shall try my best to provide you with a good and easy to follow guide.

Thank you!